Life in Africa



Life in Africa ,are a community organisation set up by Acholi refugees in Uganda. During the height of  the Joseph Koney terror campaign, many of the Acholi people of Northern Uganda were targeted by these rebel groups,and fled to the safety of Kampala. Here they reside still, in makeshift camps and basic settlements,struggling to live. Life in Africa organisation brings this community together to serve and grow- they teach and source a range of jewellery making skills with paper beads and coconut shells, as well as sewing skills to create fabric items such as oven mits, bags, purses and dolls. They also source items made individually by members of the community, encouraging artisans to utilise their own  individual skills and supporting them by assisting them to find a market for their goods. Life in Africa ensures a fair price is paid for each item and the artisan receive support from the organisation. Life in Africa also provides community programs to support children and orphans within the community, to encourage educational development and to seek opportunities for their future.