Artisans Effort Artisans Effort was founded in Kolkata, West Bengal, India in October, 2003. The founding members were a group of   artisans, all specialists in their own fields eg  embroidery, leather, jewellery, paper products  etc.  They came together as they had  heard about fair trade . They heard that with fair trade you are treated with respect, that a fair  price is paid and that a good relation is built between the producer and seller. All these artisans had been previously treated badly. They had problems being paid, there was irregularity of work and above all were rudely treated. Slowly this group started to know more about fair trade   procedures and attended the Fair Trade Forum in India.  Today there are more than 150 families involved with       Artisans Effort. 60% are women and 40% are men.  Since Artisans Effort is an artisans based organization, the artisans needs and difficulties are very closely understood. At present, Artisans Effort  looks after  the  education   responsibility of nine poor and needy children from Asansol (West Bengal )  Their books, uniforms and school fees are paid for. Artisans Effort proposes that in the future they will open a school for poor and needy children.