Australian Reptile Activity set




Reptiles are the theme for this activity set. There is 5 pairs of Australian reptiles embroidered on 10 soft cotton mini cushions. Wonderful embroidery features . Identify each one and find the pair. Snake, Turtle, Frill neck lizard, Crocodile and Goanna. Play memory game ( turn them all over face down and find the matching one ). Create a habitat for them , creating discussions on the environment they live in and what they need to survive etc. Lots of activities to do with this set. It comes with a draw string bag that is also embroidered with the  reptiles for storage. The bag size is 23cm x 17 cm and each cushion is 8cm x 8cm. This item is handmade in a Fair Trade organisation in India called Artisans Effort. For more information on the artisans please go to menu and look in Information on Fair Trade organisations and Artisans.