Bush Tucker food-set of 2- Sarsparilla and Quandong




Bush tucker or bush food in Australia traditionally relates to any native Australian food that has been eaten by the Indigenous Australian people. By eating food that was abundant or in season and only ever taking what was needed, Indigenous people created harmony and a balance in nature. This ensured that resources would not be depleted and there would be plentiful for successive years. This bush tucker set has 2 foods. includes Sarsparilla plant, Quandong,  It also comes with an information card explains the food and its source and has a photo of the bush tucker food growing in the bush. It is presented in a bright green cotton drawstring bag for gathering and storage. measurements are Sarsparilla length 21cm Quandong 16cm   Hand made in a fair trade organisation in Bangladesh . For more information on fair trade and the artisans organisations look in the menu on the home page.