Hunting and Gathering Activity Set




This set shows 6 symbols of aboriginal hunting and gathering . Designed by an Aboriginal artist called Gerald McGregor. There is 6 pairs of symbols embroidered on 12 soft cotton mini cushions. Wonderful embroidery features . Research about the symbols and their meanings and how they were traditionally used to hunt and gather  their food  . Identify each symbol and find the pair, Water Hole, Kangaroo footprints, Dingo footprints, People foot prints, Sun  and Water symbol. Practice copying these footprints and make a trail in the dirt for the others to follow you. Differentiate between the different foot prints of each animal they are hunting for.  Play memory game ( turn them all over face down and find the matching one ). Have discussions on our indigenous people and learn about their culture. Use the symbols for children to come up with a story using the symbol cushions and put it on display with the symbol. Lots of activities to do with this set. It comes with a draw string bag that is also embroidered with sun symbol design for storage. The bag size is 25cm x 19 cm and each cushion is 8cm x 8cm. This item is hand made with approval from Geralald McGregor in a Fair Trade organisation in India called Artisans Effort. For more information on the artisans please go to menu and look in Information on Fair Trade organisations and Artisans. Gerald McGregor was born in 1973 and is Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander nationality. He is GUNNDALEEDIE tribe. He is a very inspiring artist.