Mail Bag




The mailbag has an opening at the front to deliver the mail into and a door at the back to retriever the mail from.It comes with 10 cotton envelopes that have an international flag on the top corner as a stamp which is embroidered. The envelopes open to put letters in them. Have fun writing letters to a family you know that the children can ask questions to about their country and mail them back in the mailbag to discover. The mailbag measures 26cm wide, 32cm height and is 10cm thickness. The envelopes are 15cm by 10cm. It is made with cotton and has stiffener in the bag to enable it to stand up. Hand made by artisans in a Fair Trade organisation at artisans Effort in Kolkata,India. To Know more about the Artisans please look at the  category Information on Fair Trade organisations in the menu.