Tara (Trade Alternative Reform Action ) projects serves economically disadvantaged artisans and craftsmen in Delhi, Northern India. This organization has constantly remained an active catalyst in the fight against exploitation, poverty and illiteracy. When artisans are poor, they lack rights and are subject to social injustices created by unfair trade and middlemen ship practices.” Make Trade Fair ” has always been the principal goal for ushering in social and economic transformation at Tara Projects. Tara Projects is funding and maintaining a number of non-formal schools ,     vocational training centres and several adult literacy Centres. They also         organize many campaigns promoting the injustices against child and bonded   labor .Tara Projects has been a leading advocate for the elimination of child labor in India ) , illiteracy , unfair trade practices and environmental issues. There are ten organized groups of craftspeople. Each group specializes in   different crafts. There are the ladies groups who specialize in the hand       embroideries and hand beading . They make the most exquisite Christmas   decorations , jewellery, and fashion accessories. The lac work is the special craft for another group. There are three groups of male artisans , assisting 250 families who specialize in the stone work. They intricately hand carve a variety of stones including sandstone, marble, palewa, gorara and granite. The finished products, some with mother of pearl inlay , are breathtaking. Tara Projects have built a room with dust sucking ventilation for the protection of the stone artisans. Tara Projects is a member of International Federation Alternate Trade