Water Holes and Boomerang Game




Play noughts and X’s with a Aboriginal cultural twist on it. The symbol for water holes is used as the nought and the boomerangs back to back is the X’s. Made with Jute and Cotton it is durable and fun to play. It folds up, and the pieces go away in the attached zip up bag .The jute mat game board measures 45cm x 45cm and cotton cushion game pieces are 6 cm x 5cm . Game copyright to Gerald McGregor Gerald McGregor was born in 1973 and is Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander nationality. He is GUNNDALEEDIE tribe. He is a very inspiring artist This item is hand made with approval from Geralald McGregor in a Fair Trade organisation in India called Artisans Effort. For more information on the artisans please go to menu and look in Information on Fair Trade organisations and Artisans.